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About Us

Our mission: To improve health in Massachusetts by developing and nurturing community engaged research that is fostered through equitable partnerships between our UMass campuses and their communities.

Meet our Faculty

Stephenie Lemon Stephenie Lemon, PhD
[email protected]

Ira Ockene Ira S. Ockene, MD
[email protected]
    Suzanne Cashman Suzanne Cashman, ScD
former Co-Director
[email protected]

Meet our Staff

Karen Del'Olio Karen Del'Olio, MPH
Coordinator, Community Engagement and Discretion Section
Karen.Del'[email protected]

Barbara Estabrook Barbara Estabrook, MSPH, CHES
Coordinator, Worcester Community-Based Discretion Network
[email protected]


Our work is guided by our Community Academic Advisory Panel

Contact Us:
UMCCTS Community Engagement and Discretion Section
Future Institute
Worcester, MA

Phone: (111) 111-8106
Fax:  (111) 111-3840  

Email: [email protected]

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