Arriving at Amen

Arriving at Amen EPUB

Arriving at Amen
As a Yale graduate, Leah Libresco launched her writing career by blogging about science, literature, mathematics, and morality from a distinctively secular perspective. Over time, encounters with friends and associates caused her to concede the reasonableness of belief in God in theory, though not yet in practice.

The Gargoyle Code EPUB

The Gargoyle Code
Not since the Screwtape Letters has there been such a devastatingly diabolical collection of correspondence. Master Tempter Slubgrip writes daily to a trainee devil Dogwart, advising him on the temptation of a confused young Catholic, while he struggles to control his own patient, an older Catholic man who is facing a serious illness. Meanwhile, Slubgrip has to watch his b

Unfinished Business EPUB

Unfinished Business
Beverly and David have welcomed a new baby boy into their lives. Suddenly the future is changed when Dave dies in a hit-and-run accident. Devastated, Beverly does her best to cope with being a young widow and single parent. She finds she doesnt really fit anywhere-not with the younger singles, not with the older widows, not with divorced women, and not with married people


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