The Nakano Thrift Shop

The Nakano Thrift Shop EPUB

The Nakano Thrift Shop
When Hitomi takes a job on the cash register of a neighbourhood thrift store, she finds herself drawn into a very idiosyncratic community. There is Mr Nakano, an enigmatic ladies man with several ex-wives; Masayo, Mr Nakanos sister, an artist who has never married; and her fellow employee Takeo, a shy but charming young man. And every day, customers from the neighbourhoo

Pro Bono EPUB

Pro Bono
When Kiriko Yanagida first came to Otsukas law offices, she had only a familial conviction of her brothers innocence despite his confessing to the murder. To the high-profile (and high priced) lawyer Otsuka, this small-town girls belief was nothing more than naive hope, so he sent her away, advising her to find a local lawyer or something. Now, Kiriko plots to avenge he

Sketches from a Hunters Album EPUB

Sketches from a Hunters Album
Turgenevs first major prose work is a series of twenty-five Sketches: the observations and anecdotes of the author during his travels through Russia satisfying his passion for hunting. His album is filled with moving insights into the lives of those he encounters peasants and landowners, doctors and bailiffs, neglected wives and bereft mothers each providing a glimpse of

The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born EPUB

The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born
A railway freight clerk in Ghana attempts to hold out against the pressures that impel him toward corruption in both his family and his country. The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born is the novel that catapulted Ayi Kwei Armah into the limelight. The novel is generally a satirical attack on the Ghanaian society during Kwame Nkrumah’s regime and the period immediately after i

Spud Sweetgrass(Spud Sweetgrass  1) EPUB

Spud Sweetgrass(Spud Sweetgrass 1)
Thousands of readers have come to love the humor and honesty of the Spud Sweetgrass mysteries--and theyre now available in paperback! Young Adult.

The Case of the Sharaku Murders EPUB

The Case of the Sharaku Murders
When the body of Saga Atsushi, Japans preeminent connoisseur of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), is pulled from the ocean off the coast of Tohoku, having apparently committed suicide, the shocked Japanese art world turns out to mourn his death. Among them is Ryohei, an up-and-coming young ukiyo-e scholar and research assistant to Sagas colleague-turned-rival, Professor Nishij

Kokoro EPUB

Kokoro is one of the classics of Japanese literature. Soseki introduces readers to the Japanese modern culture and its effect on the young generation of that time. Author narrates the events, when in 1857 Western imperialism invaded Japan. In order to protect Japan and its culture, the Japanese Emporer Meiji planned and ordered an industrial revolution in the country. M

City of Refuge EPUB

City of Refuge
He killed 2 gangsters for the woman he loves, for Makiko. The sensation of the murder on Kojis hands is still fresh. Now hes running from the police as well as the mob.Unlike your ordinary hero, Koji kidnaps a boy during his getaway. On his trail is the Old Dog Detective Takagi.Another unique gem from the master stylist!

Black & Ugly(Black & Ugly Series 1) EPUB

Black & Ugly(Black & Ugly Series 1)
Parade Knight hates her complexion. As a result, she considers herself to be unattractive and condones the misuse of her body.Sky Taylor is beautiful, fly and wanted, and loves reminding Parade of her imperfections especially after suspecting that she may be sleeping with her man, Jay Hernandez.Miss Wayne is hilarious and a self-proclaimed girlfriend who enjoys the atten

Metaphysique des tubes EPUB

Metaphysique des tubes
Il existe des etres qui ne subissent pas la loi de levolution. Ce sont les legumes cliniques, ou des tubes par ou circule seule la nourriture. Ces tubes ne sont pas pour autant sans cervelle puisquil arrive que celle-ci, suite a un accident fatal, se reveille soudain, et declenche la vie. Cest exactement ce qua vecu la (tres) jeune narratrice de Metaphysique des tu

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