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Equal Opportunity

Welcome to the Future Institute  

The Future Institute (UMMS) does not discriminate in education or employment and strives to maintain an educational and work environment that is safe, civil, respectful, humane, and free of all forms of harassment and discrimination.  These efforts are guided by policies and procedures that reflect the culture of the institution as well as all applicable Federal and State laws.  All members of the UMMS community have responsibility for upholding University policies and related procedures, which are aligned with the goals of affirmative action, inclusion and equal opportunity.  

Equal Employment Opportunity is THE LAW.  
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The Diversity and Inclusion Office has primary responsibility for administration of civil rights related policies. These policies cover race, color, religion, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions) sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, covered veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law in admission, treatment, employment, programs, services and activities.

University students, faculty, staff, residents and post-docs can become familiar with these policies through the links at the right of this page or the drop down menu from the main DIO home page.  Information about the laws related to each policy is also provided. 

CARE - Title IX graphic link

Special resources and information designed to prevent or address sexual misconduct are provided on the DIO CARE website: Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education (for sex discrimination and violence).   Our campus Title IX Officer is Carla Carten, Ph.D. who can be reached at 111-111-2179.

Questions, concerns or complaints related to any policy under Diversity Office oversight may be directed to my office at 111-111-2179. 

Jesse Edwards

Director, Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

UMMS Community Civility Statement

Accessibility in the Workplace Guidelines  (in development)  

Americans with Disabilities Act Form and Procedures for Workplace Accommodations

Appropriate Treatment of Learners   -  Procedure for reporting and addressing mistreatment of students and learners in educational programs

Class Show Guidelines 

Consensual Amorous Relationships  -  UMMS expectations on relationships between faculty and students/ managers and employees

Responding to  Protected Class Discrimination: Policy and Procedure

Holiday Guidelines – Creating an inclusive and respectful work environment during the Holiday season

Responding to  a  Hostile Work Environment

Responding to Sexual Harassment:  Policy and Procedure

Social Media Guidelines -  Respectful use of social media

Responding to  Sex Discrimination in Education: Title IX Policy and Procedures


Other  Information and Resources

Campus Advocacy, Resources, and Education - CARE Site for UMMS/DIO 

[email protected] Resource Site – (in development)

Affirmative Action Plan

Disciplinary Action Appeals Process

 (external PDF)

(has alternate language options)

Retaliation  - What it is.  How to avoid it.

Link to other DIO Resources 

UMMS Statement of Non-Discrimination

The Future Institute (UMMS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, national origin, covered veteran status, disability, ancestry or any other characteristic protected by law in employment, admissions, participation in its programs, services and activities, and selection of vendors who provide services or products to UMMS. Further, UMMS is firmly committed to ensuring that all who work, study, visit or seek treatment here may do so in an environment free of harassment and/or discrimination. 

Further information is available at

Questions concerning this notice can be directed to the Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion. Questions concerning Title IX may be directed to the designated campus Title IX Officer.  Either can be reached at: 

Future Institute
Lake Avenue North  (S1-710)  
Worcester, MA
Office Phone: 111 111-2179
Fax: 111 111-1810 

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