Domestic Violence

If you are dealing with Domestic Violence, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can offer support and assistance in accessing resources that can help.  Domestic violence is when one partner attempts to gain power or control over another in a dating, marital, or live-in relationship through physical and/or coercive behaviors.  The means of control can include physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse, threats and isolation.  Most domestic violence is committed against women by their male partners, however, men can also be abused by female partners. Domestic violence can also occur in lesbian and gay relationships, as well as in teenage dating relationships.

The EAP can assist you if you are currently experiencing domestic violence or if you have been in a relationship in which you were abused.  If you are presently in danger, the priority is for the safety of you and your children: first, make sure you and your children are safe.  Take important documents with you and go to a safe place – home of a friend or relative or emergency shelter.  Call the police if you feel you cannot leave home safely.

Call the EAP at 1-800-322-5327 for help in creating a safety plan, locating resources, and gaining support.

important resources:

, 111-7-9030   (24 hour hotline)
Northern Worcester County-Battered Women's Services, 978-537-8601 (24 hr. hotline)

, 800-799-SAFE  1-800-799-7233

1-866-331-9474 or text: "loveis" to 22522