Inna rozkosz. Swiat dominacji i podleglosci seksualnej

Inna rozkosz. Swiat dominacji i podleglosci seksualnej EPUB

Inna rozkosz. Swiat dominacji i podleglosci seksualnej
Pierwsza na polskim rynku ksiazka, ktora wprowadza w swiat BDSM i jego historie. Autorzy przeprowadzili ponad sto wywiadow z osobami skupionymi wokol sceny BDSM. Ksiazka zawiera opisy praktyk oraz obszerne cytaty dotyczace dominacji i uleglosci. Wyjasnia, na czym polega kontrakt D&P i dlaczego tak istotna jest wyobraznia i rozroznienie technik (kary cielesne, wiazanie,

Penalty Kill(Hunks Of Hockey 3) EPUB

Penalty Kill(Hunks Of Hockey 3)
As a defenseman with the Dallas Blaze hockey team, Adrian Donelson is used to having control on the ice and in his private life. But when a brutal playoff loss drives him into the arms of platonic friend Daria DeCarlo, he finds that turning control to Daria leads him to unimaginable heights of ecstasy.For the fiery Daria, her night with Adrian sparks a deep and surprising

Velvet Glove: Volume II(Velvet Glove 2) EPUB

Velvet Glove: Volume II(Velvet Glove 2)
The Velvet Glove is an exclusive mens club. Members come for the food, the comfortable atmosphere, and service a man cant get elsewhere. Top or bottom, theres something for everyone at the Glove, and heat waits beyond closed doors. Daniel seems spoiled and bratty, but what he needs is a firm hand. Zane has been watching Daniel for a long time, and he thinks he knows jus

Burning Submission(Crime and Punishment 4) EPUB

Burning Submission(Crime and Punishment 4)
As an FBI agent, Josh Barnes believed he’d seen it all--until he meets Jennifer. She’s smart, sassy, gorgeous, and running for her life, but from whom, Josh has yet to figure out. Her story of an ex-husband is a lie. The truth about who is after her and why is even more unbelievable. Unfortunately, the danger of her situation does nothing to stop the lust that ignites ever

Obedience Training(Ian McAllistor 1) EPUB

Obedience Training(Ian McAllistor 1)
Ian McAllistor has always thought of himself as an Alpha werewolf. Born last in a pack of dominant females, he always felt as if he had something to prove. A chance encounter with a very special couple opened his eyes to his own submissive nature. As his desire for supplication grew, Ian needed a lover of his own, someone he could submit to.When he first laid eyes on Khali

Safe Words(Safe Words 1) EPUB

Safe Words(Safe Words 1)
After years of alcohol and promiscuous sex, Detective Eleanor Silver is not the cop or the person she wanted to be. New doors and new worlds open up when the murders of sexually dominant women, involved in the world of BDSM, lead her to Dr. Anderson Wells. A psychologist and sexual submissive, Anderson offers to be her guide. They soon find themselves exploring on more int

Different Loving: An Exploration of the World of Sexual Dominance and Submission EPUB

Different Loving: An Exploration of the World of Sexual Dominance and Submission
A breakthrough in sexual literature, this work is a complete, comprehensive user-friendly guide to and tour through the world of alternative sexual lifestyles. While the topics are exotic and erotic, the authors handle each one in a sensitive, thorough, analytical, and fascinating way and manage to explain a secret world to those who might wish to visit.

Just the Right Notes EPUB

Just the Right Notes
Elliot is an up and coming architect who just opened his own firm. His lover Graham is a composer and conductor. They share their love and lives in a beautiful house designed by Elliot, and whenever things get too hard to handle, they run away to their little cabin getaway where Elliot becomes Dom to Grahams needy little sub.When things at Elliots firm begin to crumble,

Bound by my Stepbrother(Bound by Secrecy 1) EPUB

Bound by my Stepbrother(Bound by Secrecy 1)
I always dreaded these family reunions. The ones where my parents would relentlessly try and blend their step families together in some fancy resort location.But, it wasnt the gathering that I hated. Oh no. I could avoid that with alcohol and lounging by the pool. It was him; that cocky, masculine, billionaire, whatever of a stepbrother that I grew up with.Hes driven me

Slave in Training(LEsclave 1) EPUB

Slave in Training(LEsclave 1)
The ISBN on this edition was reused in this edition.Looking at James, his new physical training teacher, Max falls instantly in love with this black god with a bad reputation. God or devil?When James says to Max that he is the devil, Max answers: Try me, Satan! With these words, Max agrees to be trained by James to become a slave. This apprenticeship will prove to be mo

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