Zofloya EPUB

Few venture as thou hast in the alarming paths of sin. This is the final judgement of Satan on Victoria di Loredani, the heroine of Zofloya, or The Moor (1806), a tale of lust, betrayal, and multiple murder set in Venice in the last days of the fifteenth century. The novel follows Victorias progress from spoilt daughter of indulgent aristocrats, through a period of abus

Strathgallant EPUB

Stranger To The Exquisite Treachery Of Love...Beautiful, headstrong Perdita Sinclair, future Countess of Strathgallant, was to choose a husband before inheriting her adopted grandmothers fortune.Faced with selecting one o her four handsome cousins, Perdita was thrown into a dizzying quandary. Was it fair-haired James, arrogant Henry, dashing Colin, or gentle Alex who rule


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