The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree EPUB

The Christmas Tree
Featuring charming illustrations reminiscent of the Madeleine series, this magical tale of a lonely orphan and the beautiful fir tree that becomes her best friend is destined to be a cherished Christmas classic. Exploring the eternal themes of growth, loss, and renewal, this small and simple book is like the best of gifts--meant to be both shared and remembered and truly b

The Spy Beneath the Mistletoe EPUB

The Spy Beneath the Mistletoe
When weapons designer Eliza Qwillen (Q) is sent to the English countryside with Pierce Moneypence, clerk to the mysterious M, she’s worried the memory of their steamy encounter will interfere with the task at hand.The operatives are intent upon capturing the highwayman styling himself as the New Sheriff of Nottingham. But with the Sheriff in their sights, secret rendezvou

Christmas in the Snow EPUB

Christmas in the Snow
No secret stays buried forever...In London, the snow is falling and Christmas is just around the corner - but Allegra Fisher barely has time to notice. Shes pitching for the biggest deal of her career and cant afford to fail. And when she meets attractive stranger, Sam Kemp, on the plane to the meeting, she cant afford to lose her focus either. She learned to shut off h

A Miracle at Macys EPUB

A Miracle at Macys
One lost dog. Two lonely hearts. A Manhattan Christmas full of magic.Shy homebody Charlotte is planning her usual quiet Christmas celebration: Turkey for two for her and her beloved pet dog Hudson. Only, this year, little Hudson decides to take matters into his own paws and give his favourite human a holiday adventure she’ll never forget.When Hudson runs away the week befo

Angelinas Halloween(Angelina Ballerina) EPUB

Angelinas Halloween(Angelina Ballerina)
Trick-or-Treat with Angelina Ballerina!  For Halloween, Angelina and her friend Alice make glorious firefly costumes—complete with delicate wings and tiaras.  Angelinas little sister, Polly, wants to be a pretty firefly too.  But Angelina thinks shes too little.  Polly settles for dressing up as a ghost, and on Halloween night, gives Angelina a surprise scare!

The Legend of the Poinsettia(Legends) EPUB

The Legend of the Poinsettia(Legends)
In Mexico, the poinsettia is called flor de la Nochebuenao flower of the Holy Night. At Christmastime, the flower blooms and flourishes, the quite exquisite red stars lighting up the countryside.A Mexican legend tells how the poinsettia came to be, through a little girls unselfish gift to the Christ Child. Tomie dePaola has embraced the legend using his own special feelin

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic: 101 Holiday Tales of Inspiration, Love, and Wonder EPUB

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic: 101 Holiday Tales of Inspiration, Love, and Wonder
Christmas is a magical time of year -- a time of family, friends, and traditions. Readers will revel in the 101 holiday stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic that spread the special joy, wonder, and blessings of the season with its tales of finding the perfect Christmas tree, being with family, seeing the awe in a childs eyes, and enjoying the magic of the

Every Time a Bell Rings EPUB

Every Time a Bell Rings
An angel gets its wings…Belle has taken all the Christmas decorations down. This year they won’t be celebrating.As foster parents, Belle and Jim have given many children the chance of a happier start in life. They’ve loved them as if they were their own. They shouldn’t have favourites but little Lauren has touched their hearts. And now her mother is well enough to take her

The Christmas Cake Cafe EPUB

The Christmas Cake Cafe
Heart-warming and hilarious, a story that will make you laugh, cry and bring a smile to your face.  Get ready for another deliciously amazing Christmas treat from Sue Watson….As the Prosecco chills and Bing Crosby croons, Jen Barker just knows that her long-term boyfriend is about to propose.  But instead of a diamond ring nestled in her champagne flute, Jen finds cold fla

Getting Kole for Christmas EPUB

Getting Kole for Christmas
Kylie’s been crushing on Kole for two years now, but can she get him to see her as more than a friend?For years Kylie has watched her older sisters get asked to every school dance there is. Yet once she’s old enough to go, the invites are in short supply. While getting overlooked has never felt good, it hasn’t really hurt the way it does this year. Because now there’s some

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