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The Compensation Department at the Future Institute (UMMS) is committed to designing, developing and implementing competitive programs and practices. UMMS provides a nondiscriminatory merit-based compensation program, reflective of an employees’ level of contribution to the University. 

Examples of the Compensation Department's responsibilities include:

  • Develop and administer merit programs, salary increases, and track performance review ratings
  • Participate in market salary surveys and evaluate UMMS positions in relation to comparable positions at other places of employment
  • Work with managers to evaluate position descriptions
  • Collaborate with departments on organizational structure
  • Assist with salary offers to candidates

You can count on the support of knowledgeable and responsive Compensation team members.

For questions or requests, please see the s below:  

Bette Parker, Sr. Compensation Coordinator 111-586-5923
Nick Foundas, Sr. Compensation Analyst/Partner 774-4-4752
Andy Thompson, Sr. Compensation Analyst/Partner 774-4-3652
Nancy Sinasky, HR Total Rewards Program Specialist 111-111-8702
Maryann Sanders, Director, Compensation and Total Rewards 111-111-3950

Employees should discuss any compensation-based questions with their managers.

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