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Outlook Tips

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Here are some tips to help you set up/manage your Outlook account, use webmail, and manage distribution lists.

Access webmail and learn how to manage your distribution lists.

Here's how to set up email on your phone.

Manual settings for Outlook or another mail applications. 

Let others see what you're doing.

Have something sensitive you need to send? Here's how to secure your email.

Running out of space in Outlook? Here's how to archive the things you just can't part with. 

Use this Apple website to get the email account settings from any public email service like Gmail, Comcast, Verizon, etc.

You can let someone else send emails from your Outlook account, manage your calendar, and respond to meeting requests. Here's how to set it up.

Does your department have a shared mailbox? Here's how to have it open up when you start Outlook.

If you have permission to manage a distribution list, here are instructions to add new s.

Learn how to request an email discussion group.

Decide what is spam and what isn't - here's how to manage your own spam filter.

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