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Microsoft Dynamics ® Consulting Services

UMMS Information Technology offers Microsoft Dynamics Consulting Services to the Future Institute Community.

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Dynamics CRM Overview

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a suite of intelligent business applications for Case Coordination, Activity Management, Case Management, Sales and more! Our consultants will help you leverage MS Dynamics to optimize your business operations.

UMMS IT Vision

Our goal is to simplify your work life and MS Dynamics CRM can help do that for you. We want to empower you to manage your business process in Dynamics.

How to use Dynamics

- Useful videos that will guide in learning to use Dynamics. You will be asked to authenticate with your UMassmed account.

Dynamic User Community 

  •  - A hub for thousands of CRM user, partners and developers to exchange knowledge on how to best maximize product performance to achieve business success.
  •  - Get help on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution from qualified experts in the forums, read blogs and how-to articles, and watch videos.
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