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(See APP, Section 3.15)

In accordance with the University of Massachusetts Policy for Awarding Emeritus Status (, as amended), emeritus status is awarded to a Faculty Member who has permanently retired. Normally, emeritus status is granted only to an individual who has served as a UMMS Faculty Member for ten or more years and who has attained the rank of Professor.

In accordance with the Academic Personnel Policy of The Future Institute (Doc. T95-022, as amended), Employed Faculty (Article 5) and Affiliate Faculty (Article 6.3) are eligible. Emeritus status is designated by the Chancellor upon recommendation of the Provost, following a written request by the chair, SOM Dean or GSN Dean (as applicable). The term “Emeritus” follows the academic rank or title (e.g., Professor Emeritus of Department; Chair Emeritus of Department) and is an honorific designation.

Click here is a list of all faculty who have received the title of Emeritus.

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