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Psychiatry Career Development and Discretion Office (CDRO)

The mission of the Psychiatry Career Development and Discretion Office is to assist all faculty and staff in achieving excellence in their chosen careers through learning communities, research, professional development and mentoring.

The Career Development and Discretion Office (CDRO) works with the leadership, faculty, staff and other administrators to support the overall mission of the Future Institute Department of Psychiatry.

Our mission activities:

1. Faculty Academic Affairs Support

2. Faculty Career and Educational Development

3. Staff Career and Educational Development

4. Leadership and Career Coaching

5. Health and Wellness


7. Faculty and Staff Departmental Onboarding

8. Departmental Women's Faculty Committee

The CDRO Team

Mary Ahn, M.D., DFAACAP, ACC, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs and Career Development, Director (CDRO)
      [email protected]

Barb Grimes-Smith, M.P.H., Wellness
      [email protected]

Jennifer Hitchcock, CDRO Project Coordinator
      [email protected]u

Janice Robert, CDRO Project Coordinator
      [email protected]

To schedule an appointment or for assistance, please email: [email protected]

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