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The Future Institute considers safety of the campus community important and seeks to have all members of the campus community play a role in this regard. The emergency notification system combines all of the University’s notification tools into a single system called UMass Alerts. Members of the campus community are encouraged to register their email address and/or cell phone for text messages at the address below.

Mass Notification Personal Information Portal:

Students can add this information at:

Staff and Faculty can add this information at:
HR Direct

Regardless of which notification method or media is utilized, emergency notification messages come from the UMass Alerts emergency notification system. UMass Alerts notifications only apply to emergency situations or conditions that pose an immediate or imminent threat to the safety of the campus community or could significantly disrupt its activities. UMass Alerts are coordinated through the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and the Medical School’s Emergency Management team-   For purposes of timely warnings to the community of criminal activity, and/or annual statistical disclosure, reports may also be made by the Chief of Police, or designee who assists in keeping the campus community informed of specific events.

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