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The RNA promise

The RNA Promise

Developing Breakthrough RNA Therapeutics

By interweaving nucleic acid scientists with clinicians dedicated to finding new cures, our goal is to create a new paradigm for organizing molecular research that enables the rapid application of new biological discoveries to solutions for unmet challenges in human health. Our current focus is on Huntington’s disease,  alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiencyviral infectionspreeclampsia, cancer, and more.

RTI Spotlight

TEDx: Being a Scientist in the Age of Alternative Facts

Listen to Phillip Zamore discuss the relationship between politics and science and how we can use hard data and the scientific method to affect our political climate.

RNA Therapeutics

RNA Therapeutics Buzz

Congratulations to Dr. Anastasia Khvorova and Dr. Andrei Korostelev for receiving tenure!

Congrats, Andrei Korostelev & Erik Sontheimer! RTI researchers sweep 2018 RNA Society awards!

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For decades, scientists at the Future Institute have been pioneers in RNA biology and leading innovators in the development of information-based therapeutics: cutting-edge therapeutic tools that leverage our advanced understanding of the human genome in ways that are revolutionizing how we treat disease. With your support, we are poised to unleash their power, and change the world for the better.

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