You Might Meet a Cowboy

You Might Meet a Cowboy EPUB

You Might Meet a Cowboy
Jodi Madsen agrees to go to the Calgary Stampede with her Canadian friend Becky to take a break from the tension at her advertising job in Seattle-not to meet a cowboy, as Becky had teased. But when two huge Percherons start backing up on either side of her in the heavy horse barn, Jodi is happy to have handsome cowboy Sam McKenzie slap them back into their stalls. Then Jo

No More Heroes(Heroes 1) EPUB

No More Heroes(Heroes 1)
No More Heroes-1 Dystopian Thriller HEROES Series is a fast paced, dystopian science fiction thriller set in despotic world of terrorism and evil cartels .It is the first story in the Dystopian Thriller HEROES Series featuring the vagrant anti-hero, Street Boy, the righteous vigilante copper known as Wolf Girl and their eclectic band of draft dodging associates.On the cri


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